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Thread: OCA COVID-19 Toxic Inquiry

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    Default OCA COVID-19 Toxic Inquiry

    Edited by Katherine Paul and Ronnie Cummins
    Undated, Today's email, 10/8/2020

    An international team of scientists has been convened to examine the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 leaked from a laboratory.
    The team, brought together as part of the Lancet COVID-19 Commission, will make recommendations on how to avoid or at least better defend ourselves against another pandemic.
    Sounds good, right? But the devil is in the detail—and guess who’s in charge of the inquiry?

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    Default Re: OCA COVID-19 Toxic Inquiry

    Well, what better way to get the answer you want than to put someone in charge who thinks, believes the way you do. On the bright side, perhaps since everyone knows Dr. Daszak's previous stance on the issue, he and his team will make doubly sure their methodologies, analyses, findings, & conclusions can stand up to the most severe scrutiny. I mean, he wouldn't openly want to appear duplicitous. Would he?

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    Default Re: OCA COVID-19 Toxic Inquiry

    The United States has been funding GOF research for years, both at home and abroad. I think it's horrific and, well, I was going to say inhumane but that's far too mild a word for this kind of nefarious intent. Conspiracy theories abound and there is no better topic at the moment then the novel coronavirus. Opportunities exist and accidents happen, even for GOF experiments. Rather than try to identify one or another of those who could bear the blame, I simply prefer to think that COVID-19 was an experiment gone wrong and gone out the door. We are unlikely to be any wiser than that, ever.
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