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Thread: Largest U.S. Retailers Reject GMO Salmon as Court Pressure Builds

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    Default U.S. Federal Judge Poised to Deny Approval of GMO Salmon

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    September 1, 2020

    Unimpressed with the environmental assessment the Food and Drug Association used to approve a new breed of genetically modified salmon destined for the American dinner table, a federal judge looked poised Tuesday to rule in favor of environmental groups afraid of its potential to blunt wild salmon populations.
    At a hearing last Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Vincent Chhabria said he’s concerned that AquaBounty, the biotech company behind the GMO salmon, might use the FDA’s finding of “no significant impact” to expand the program without realizing its full impact on local ecology.

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    Default Re: Largest U.S. Retailers Reject GMO Salmon as Court Pressure Builds

    I'm mildly surprised to see that final approval of AquaBountysalmon is still on hold. Wise judges!
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