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Thread: Coronavirus: B cells and T cells explained

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    Default Coronavirus: B cells and T cells explained

    I recently learned that the immune system includes B cells and T cells and that there is a difference. I reviewed some articles and thought this was one of the best explanations of what they are and how they work.

    Raj Thaker
    July 20, 2020

    To get the upper hand on the coronavirus, we first need to understand how our immune system reacts to it. Understanding this will lead to better treatments, effective vaccines and knowing how near we are to herd immunity – and if it’s even achievable.
    Every day, new research adds to this knowledge and is widely reported in the media. To follow the discussion, you need to know about two very important cells: B cells and T cells. Here is a quick primer to get you up to speed.
    The immune system is a network of intricately connected cells to protect the body from internal and external threats. It is broadly classified into two sub-types: innate (or natural) and adaptive (or acquired). The key differences between the two are the specificity and agility of the responses generated towards a perceived threat.

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    Default Re: Coronavirus: B cells and T cells explained

    Very informative. There's still so much to learn about antibodies that protect against COVID-19. All the immunity research and data notwithstanding, this novel coronavirus just hasn't been around long enough to definitively conclude anything. But, I'm happy to see the continued research and data to get to the bottom of the issue. It's just going to take more time than any of us want to see.

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