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Thread: Dueling Cat and Dog? Pheromones to the Rescue

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    Default Dueling Cat and Dog? Pheromones to the Rescue

    Dr. Karen Becker
    October 11, 2020

    The expression "fighting like cats and dogs," as you might guess, is rooted in the reality that canines and felines don't always get along, even or perhaps especially when living under the same roof. If you've ever had a dueling pair of pets at home, you know it can be extremely stressful for everyone in the family.

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    Default Re: Dueling Cat and Dog? Pheromones to the Rescue

    When I brought home a rescued German Shepherd to my three cats, each one reacted differently. My gray tabby, another rescue, accepted the dog immediately. My calico was completely standoffish but over a period of months she gradually acclimated to the dog's presence. However, my black cat, another rescue, was having none of it. Oddly, she was the most loving and affectionate of pets, always ready to be handled and stroked and given attention. She may have been jealous that this newcomer was diverting some of my attention… But whatever the case, after two or three weeks she simply left home. Yup, I used to get an occasional glimpse of her in a log pile in the field about 15 minutes away from the house, and my neighbor claimed to have seen her occasionally, but she refused to return home. Wish I had known about pheromones back then, because I really miss her!
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    Default Re: Dueling Cat and Dog? Pheromones to the Rescue

    My corgi always greet my neighbour's cat with a smile though, not sure but they are best of friends when they see each other.

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