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Thread: Secrets of the Diabolical Ironclad Beetle’s Almost Unsquishable Strength

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    Default Secrets of the Diabolical Ironclad Beetle’s Almost Unsquishable Strength

    Theresa Machemer

    The diabolical ironclad is not a notorious Civil War-era battleship, but a flightless inch-long beetle that thrives on the United States’ west coast. While most beetles only live for a few weeks, a diabolical ironclad can live for seven or eight years, in part because it outer shell is so peck-, crunch- and squash-proof. Now, a new study has unraveled what makes the beetle so buff, Katherine Wu reports for the New York Times.

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    Default Re: Secrets of the Diabolical Ironclad Beetle’s Almost Unsquishable Strength

    That is one ugly beetle. But, I'm amazed by its strength and its survivability. To be able to withstand a "crushing force" of up to 39,000 times its body weight is nothing short of amazing. Researchers are looking at the intricate construction of its exoskeleton for possible application to aircraft and construction. I say forget that. Medical researchers should be figuring out how to apply the exoskeleton structure to medical materials used in joint & hip replacements and the repair of broken bones, etc.

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