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Thread: What is Vinegar Made Of?

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    Default What is Vinegar Made Of?

    Chrystal Johnson
    January 13, 2020

    **The FDA has approved the use of petroleum and natural gas in production of some "white vinegars."

    Vinegar is made of acetic acid and water. Where the acetic acid is derived from completely changes its taste and profile. Distilled white vinegar is produced by the fermentation of ethanol (alcohol). During the fermentation process, bacteria called Acetobacter and Acetomonas are added and they produce acetic acid from the alcohol. A solution of 4-8% acetic acid combined with water is white distilled vinegar (also referred to as spirit vinegar). In a similar process to distilled white vinegar… red and white wine vinegar are made from white and red wine. Malt vinegar is made from barley.

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    Default Re: What is Vinegar Made Of?

    I read the label: "White distilled vinegar produced with 5% grain and distilled to 5% acid. Made with genetically engineered ingredients."

    Fortunately, I don't use this for food but at least it appears that it is not made from petroleum. Am I right to understand it that way?
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