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Thread: Food Bill in New Zealand Takes Away Human Right to Grow Food

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    Default Food Bill in New Zealand Takes Away Human Right to Grow Food

    For any member or guest who insists on reading this article, I'll post the link below. Please note that this comes from Sayer Ji's GreenMedInfo. It sounds preposterous, and so I contacted one of my New Zealand friends, who agreed that it was complete rubbish. This is why you haven't seen me posting material from GMI recently, and I courteously request that you do the same. It's a sad outcome for a site that used to be famously reliable for documenting the success of alternative approaches to healing.
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    Tuesday, October 27th 2020

    Correction: The bill and article was published in error as "new." The article is from 2011, and the bill did not pass, although some of the proposed regulations were passed and incorporated into the Food Act of 2014. These did make gardening illegal. We apologize for this editorial oversight.

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