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Thread: The Biggest Scandal In Science

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    Default The Biggest Scandal In Science

    Rohin Francis MBBSs
    October 22, 2020

    Why should the public pay twice, even three times, to see the research it funded?

    Welcome back to yet another night shift. It's Shift #4 and in a fit of narcissistic delirium I decided to search for one of my own publications, but I can't actually see it without paying. The per-article price is about standard, £30 or $40. If you're writing a paper, you might reference 50 studies, which would be a huge expense. Luckily I get access through my university, who are in turn funded by me and other students through our fees and by the government. An establishment like UCL will pay something £10 to £12 million pounds a year for subscriptions to scientific journals, most of which belong to just five publishing companies.

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    Default Re: The Biggest Scandal In Science

    Excellent article! These are questions that deserve to be asked (and answered). I tried to sign in on and failed... But I didn't try very hard. I will go back later and try again, because this is certainly a resource worth knowing about.
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