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Thread: Men with Hair Loss Problem..!!

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    Default Men with Hair Loss Problem..!!

    I just really really hate it whenever my hair fall every time after shower! Not only that, it's even frustrating when I woke up and there my hair on the pillow! I trust supplement, especially zinc for hair loss. But then, I found out that hair loss also can caused by a low blood circulation at scalp. So I started doing headstand Yoga. It worked for me! but it took me 6-7 months to notice. So for those that has a massive hair fall, I recommend you to try it. But don't expect the optimum result thou. But it sure helps!


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    Default Re: Men with Hair Loss Problem..!!

    Scilover, please go back to the forum, click on Getting Started and review how to post an OP. This is not the first time I've asked you to learn how it's done. I'm going to take this post down after you respond to this note.
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