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Thread: Gut Check: Teff Grain Boosts Microbiome Health

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    Default Gut Check: Teff Grain Boosts Microbiome Health

    Cornell University
    November 13 2020

    The seeds of a teff plant -- which look similar to wheat -- are tiny in stature, but they pack a nutritional wallop.
    Relatively new to the U.S., teff has long been a superfood in East African -- specifically Ethiopia -- as a staple food crop rich in fiber.
    Cornell University food scientists, led by Elad Tako, associate professor of food science, now confirm this grain greatly helps the stomach and enhances the nutritional value of iron and zinc, according to a new modeling method. Their findings were reported Oct. 2 in the journal Nutrients.

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    Default Re: Gut Check: Teff Grain Boosts Microbiome Health

    The problem with this otherwise valuable information is that if you are gluten intolerant (or for any other reason, avoiding grains), teff is a grain. It's an ancient grain, certainly, but still a grain.
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