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Thread: How do birds mate? Is it in the air?

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    Default How do birds mate? Is it in the air?

    How do birds mate? Read about it, that they actuallycant mate at the air, but there a few species of eagles that mate in the air.. I have 2 birds in a pretty big cage.


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    Default Re: How do birds mate? Is it in the air?

    "Scilover", "Islander" has been trying to explain to you that if you START a thread, you have to choose a forum category and, with 2 or 3 exceptions, (such as the "announcements" forum), a documented article link must be included. If you're not sure, simply copy the procedure and layout that other forum members, like myself, START a forum category thread.

    Otherwise, your bird pic MIGHT only be appropriate in response to someone else's, (or even your own) "STARTED" forum thread. Also, "Islander" discourages most pix and graphics due to limited computer bandwidth constraints because of a tight Hawkes' Health website budget. I hope that's helpful.

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    Default Re: How do birds mate? Is it in the air?

    Agreed. Scilover, please make an effort to follow the protocol here. You are a valued contributor but you've been here for a while and it's time you learned what everyone else has learned how to do.
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