Umair Haque
Nov. 19, 2020

Americans Don’t Seem to Grasp How Catastrophically the US Has Failed On Covid

America just passed a grim, shocking milestone. A quarter of a million people are now dead from Covid. And while Americans — at least the sane ones — have some inkling that this is a tragedy, they don’t quite seem to grasp just what a catastrophe it really is. The unthinkable horror of it. How badly their country has failed at this challenge. That’s because they don’t know what it means to really be successful at handling Covid — in hard, concrete, factual terms.
How could they? Their pundits and intellectuals don’t really explain — they lament, perhaps, but that’s about all. They don’t provide context, hard facts and figures, that really place America’s Covid catatrasophe in perspective, so that Americans can truly understand how shocking it is., versus what “success in fighting Covid” truly means.
So let me try.

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