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Thread: New Model More Effective In Predicting Alzheimer's

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    Default New Model More Effective In Predicting Alzheimer's

    Timothy Huzar
    December 3 2020

    Scientists report a new, relatively cheap, and noninvasive model for predicting Alzheimer’s disease in people with mild cognitive impairment.

    Scientists at Lund University in Sweden have developed a new model for predicting Alzheimer’s disease in people presenting with mild cognitive impairment.
    The model analyzes proteins in blood samples. It is less invasive and less expensive than other prognostic tools and produces equivalent or better predictions.
    The authors, who published their paper in the journal Nature Aging, call for further large-scale studies to confirm their findings.

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    Default Re: New Model More Effective In Predicting Alzheimer's

    This is encouraging, especially since it's the only non-invasive method available.
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