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Thread: Blood Type Not Associated With The Effects Of Plant-Based Diet

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    Default Blood Type Not Associated With The Effects Of Plant-Based Diet

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    December 5, 2020

    A study published in theJournal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics by researchers with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, **a nonprofit of 12,000 doctors,** debunks the "blood type diet" by finding that blood type was not associated with the effects of a plant-*based diet on bodyweight, body fat, plasma lipid concentrations, or glycemic control.
    This new study is based on a randomized control trial whose main findings
    were published in JAMA Network Open on Nov. 30. That trial randomly assigned overweight participants with no history of diabetes to an intervention or control group on a 1:1 ratio for 16 weeks. Participants in the intervention group followed a low*fat, plant-*based diet. The control group made no diet changes. The key finding is that a plant-*based diet ramps up metabolism as measured by an increase in after*meal calorie burn of 18.7%,on average, for the intervention group over the control.

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    Default Re: Blood Type Not Associated With The Effects Of Plant-Based Diet

    I copied the above from the downloadable PDF, hoping to find an actual author, which I did not. I take no responsibility for those random asterisks and refuse to take the time to delete every last one of them. Just pay no attention to them, they're meaningless.

    First, this is old news. Dr. Peter D'Adamo published his volume on blood type and diet in 1996 and it has been debunked ever since, probably beginning on the day after it was released. I was immediately snubbed up by this statement: "...there was no evidence that meaty diets are good for anyone." This was not a finding that the study was designed to discover so I was baffled at its inclusion, especially considering that overall there is ample evidence that Homo sapiens evolved as meat-eaters.

    But then I read on, and when I came to the comments section I found only one, but it was revealing: "The PCRM [Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine] are a PETA funded, animal activist group, not a respected scientific body." So there you have it, folks. Follow the money, but especially, look for the bias.
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