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Thread: Draining the Food Bank of the Future

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    Default Draining the Food Bank of the Future

    Joseph Mercola
    December 09, 2020

    STORY AT-A-GLANCE - "The aquifer, which underlies about 112 million acres spanning eight U.S. states, is being tapped by farmers at rates that can’t be naturally sustained.

    The aquifer isn’t becoming depleted due to occasional droughts, but because misguided agricultural policies encourage farmers to plant ever-increasing acres of water-intensive crops that require irrigation

    Favorable federal farm credit rates encourage farmers to go into debt to purchase irrigation equipment, then farm more land to pay off that debt.

    Farmers receive tax deductions for declining groundwater levels and can write off depreciation on irrigation equipment.

    In order to save underground aquifers from what appears to be inevitable depletion, farmers must change their practices so their crops persevere with less groundwater.

    Some farmers have turned portions of the Ogallala underlying their property into a “rechargeable” resource that has risen in recent years instead of declining by adopting permaculture and converting cropland to grassland."

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    Default Re: Draining the Food Bank of the Future

    Grulla, this is not news, but it's important; surely there are other articles on this topic. I would strongly prefer that we not drive viewers to his site, which would be the equivalent of endorsing it. It has become unreliable and riddled with conspiracy theories. May I suggest that you do a search and replace the above with a similar story from a more reliable source.
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    Default Re: Draining the Food Bank of the Future

    I first read of this about 40 years ago in National Geographic. I can't believe nothing changed in all that time.

    I agree with Islander re the site.It's full of crazies and woe betide if you disagree. I posted a reply to someone who said the 'long haulers' who had problems long after they recovered from Covid19 was fake news. I replied with a number of scientific articles showing this was not so. It was not only deleted, but I was banned for a while. ( Not for the first time). That's how bad it is.

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