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Thread: Transvac Vaccination Transparency Tool Launched

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    Default Transvac Vaccination Transparency Tool Launched

    ANH International
    December 17 2020

    The first covid-19 vaccine in the world, from BioNTech & Pfizer, has been released for mass vaccination of the public - in the UK. Outwardly, given the publication of Phase 3 trials in the peer reviewed literature, many may feel that everything they need to know if they are to give their informed consent for vaccination is already known - and is in the public domain.
    This simply isn't true.
    That is why we've seen fit to create a tracker that can be used to evaluate vaccine transparency for individual vaccines, in specific countries.

    Read more:

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    Default Re: Transvac Vaccination Transparency Tool Launched

    According to ANH: "For too long the public has been blamed for vaccine hesitancy, that the World Health Organization rates as one of the top 10 global health threats. This is not only unfair, it incorrectly apportions blame on the public when the real driver of vaccine hesitancy is distrust through lack of transparency by vaccine makers, regulatory agencies, the World Health Organization, and others."

    I have access to the actual insert in the Pfizer vaccine and will post it shortly. I'm trying to learn how much of that information is actually made available to the general public.
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