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Thread: Soy Facts: Is Soy Healthy Or Harmful?

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    Default Soy Facts: Is Soy Healthy Or Harmful?

    Ocean Robbins
    October 9 2020

    Starting in the mid-1930s, the Ford Motor Company used a bushel of soybeans in every car it made. No, they weren’t using soy sauce as wiper fluid. Henry Ford had challenged his engineers to figure out how to turn soy into plastic. At first, they used this soy plastic for gas pedals, window frames, horn buttons, and the knobs at the end of gear shifter rods — among other things. But in 1941, Ford unveiled the “Soybean Car,” which replaced much of the steel with that soy plastic. It was half a ton lighter than the all-steel car it resembled, as well as safer. Sadly, it didn’t enter production, so we were never blessed with car names like the Ford Tofu or the Mercury Miso

    Read more: n=blo-2020&utm_content=truth-about-soy-promo-2-follow-up-to-unope
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