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Thread: Op Ed: We Need More Than Pandemic Preparedness

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    Default Op Ed: We Need More Than Pandemic Preparedness

    Vinay Prasad, MD
    January 7 2021
    Next time, we need scientific preparedness

    In recent weeks, some have thought about the future: how can we do better if a new pandemic virus emerges? I agree, but go further. I fear the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed fundamental problems at the intersection of science and policy that have implications far beyond respiratory viruses. Yes, we need pandemic preparedness, but we also need scientific preparedness.

    Pandemic viruses are just one threat where policymakers and politicians must rely on the input of scientists, as they balance the values of the public, but they are not the only such threat. Radiation disasters, rapid changes in weather patterns, or debris in our solar system that is predicted to collide with our planet are just a few others, and there are many more threats beyond my imagination.

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