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Thread: What Have We Learned From The World's Largest Nutrition Study?

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    Default What Have We Learned From The World's Largest Nutrition Study?

    Tim Newman
    February 2 2021

    The NutriNet-Santé study is an ongoing investigation into the relationship between nutrition and health. In this Special Feature, we look at some of the project’s findings and speak with Principal Investigator Dr. Mathilde Touvier, who has been involved in the study since its inception. A range of factors influences health, including genetics, lifestyle, environmental factors, and diet. Unraveling the complex relationships between these factors is a challenge.

    For many reasons, it is incredibly difficult to investigate the role of nutrition in health and disease. For instance, no two people eat the exact same diet, and very few people eat the exact same food 2 days in a row.

    Read more:
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    Default Re: What Have We Learned From The World's Largest Nutrition Study?

    Computing the multiple factors that influence nutrition is indeed complex. Diet clearly can't stand alone; genetics and lifestyle must be factored in. That said, Don't we all know the basics of good nutrition?

    - choose organic whenever possible
    - avoid junk food, fast food, processed food
    - limit sugar and starchy carbs
    - focus on fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds
    - include healthy fats

    And best of all, if you can, grow your own!
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