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Thread: Oats Nutrition, Benefits, Downsides And Uses

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    Default Oats Nutrition, Benefits, Downsides And Uses

    Ocean Robbins
    January 20 2021

    Most of us know oats best in the form of oatmeal. But this isn’t the only way to consume these nutrient-packed whole grains. So what are the health benefits of eating oats, and are there any downsides to consider?

    Here’s my theory about the origins of product placement: Some visionary oat farmer approached Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and said, “Hey, I’ll give you a share in my oat mill if you change the food in ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ from toast to oatmeal.” I may be wrong, but I’m not going to do the research, so I’ll never know. My point is, there is more to oats than determining their ideal temperature for breakfast. To find out which oats are “just right” for you, let’s explore their origin, nutrition, uses, and health effects.

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    Default Re: Oats Nutrition, Benefits, Downsides And Uses

    As an intermittent faster, I don't break my fast until sometime after noon, but several times a week that meal consists of rolled oats. A half cup of raw oats is too much for me; 1/3 cup is about right. To the cooked oatmeal I add butter or coconut oil and usually berries of some kind, depending on what I have in the freezer. At the moment I have a superfluity of blueberries and because I know they are so helpful for my vision, I'm happy to drop a clump of frozen berries into my bowl, immediately bringing my meal down to edible temperature!
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