Ocean Robbins
January 22

Cattle (like sheep, deer, and other grazing animals) are endowed with the ability to convert grasses, which we humans cannot digest, into flesh that we are able to digest. They can do this because, unlike humans, who possess only one stomach, they are ruminants, which is to say that they possess a rumen, a 45-or-so gallon fermentation tank in which resident bacteria convert cellulose into protein and fats.
In the US, however, about 97% of the cattle raised for beef spend the latter portion of their lives in feedlots, where they’re fed corn and other grains that humans could eat — and they convert it into meat quite inefficiently. Since it takes anywhere from, depending on who is doing the calculation and what they include, four to (according to some estimates) as many as 20 pounds of grain to make a pound of feedlot-derived beef, we actually get far less food out than we put in. What we’ve created is effectively a protein factory in reverse.
And we do this on a massive scale, while nearly a billion people on our planet are on the edge of starvation.

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