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Thread: Why The Cleveland Clinic Trial On Vitamin C And Zinc Failed

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    Default Why The Cleveland Clinic Trial On Vitamin C And Zinc Failed

    Anh International
    February 17 2021

    You may have heard the news that a small trial carried out at the Cleveland Clinic in the US showed that vitamin C and zinc are useless against covid-19.
    The results of the trial, called the ‘COVID A to Z’ trial, now published in JAMA Network is one of several studies being undertaken by the Cleveland Clinic on covid-19, and the only one involving the oral use of nutritional supplements.

    Trial design: looking the business

    The single-centre, prospective, randomised trial involved around 200 subjects and compared symptom severity, duration and hospitalisation in 4 different groups of patients with COVID-19 visiting the Clinic as outpatients.
    The 4 groups of around 50 each received standard care, vitamin C (8 grams in 3 divided doses with meals) alone, zinc (50 milligrams as zinc gluconate at bedtime) alone, or both vitamin C and zinc (doses as previous). Treatments were initiated on confirmation of disease with a positive PCR test and continued for 10 days.

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    Default Re: Why The Cleveland Clinic Trial On Vitamin C And Zinc Failed

    This seems like good doses for prevention, but not much to treat a virus already in progress.

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