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Thread: Probiotics For Weight Loss: What Is The Evidence?

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    Default Probiotics For Weight Loss: What Is The Evidence?

    Jillian Kuala
    February 19 2021

    Anecdotally, some probiotics — usually beneficial bacteria — may aid weight loss, but what does the science say? In this Honest Nutrition feature, we investigate.

    Probiotics are amongst the most popular nutrition supplements on the market. They have links to an array of health benefits, including improved gut health and enhanced immune function.
    Some research also suggests that probiotics may affect weight loss.
    However, there are safety concerns related to the widespread use of probiotic supplements as well.
    This Special Feature discusses recent scientific findings related to probiotics and body weight.

    Read more:
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    Default Re: Probiotics For Weight Loss: What Is The Evidence?

    So we are still looking for the Holy Grail of a weight loss, yes? In these studies, the difference was between one and 2 pounds a month. Seems to me that a dose of willpower added to an increase in physical activity would yield much better results... But of course that requires actually doing something rather than popping a pill or two.
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