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Thread: Why Urban Gardens Are Crucial for Conserving Bees And Butterflies

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    Default Why Urban Gardens Are Crucial for Conserving Bees And Butterflies

    1. Nicholas Tew , Jane Memmott, Katherine Baldock
    2. February 22 2021
    3. As humans have industrialised farming to feed a growing global population, pollinators – animals vital for plant reproduction – have seen their food supply decline. In the UK, intensive agriculture has eroded biological diversity in large portions of the countryside, with vast swathes of cereal crops and ryegrass pastures now replacing flower-rich habitats.
      For pollinators such as bees, hoverflies and butterflies, a loss of flowers means a loss of the nectar and pollen that makes up their food. A reduction in the diversity and quantity of this food is an important factor in the widespread decline of their population numbers.

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