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Thread: Research Shows Digital Devices Are Destroying Our Eyes

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    Default Research Shows Digital Devices Are Destroying Our Eyes

    GMI Reporter
    August 21st 2018

    Do your eyes frequently ache after staring at your tablet or smartphone? It’s not just the strain of looking at a small screen. It may be a sign of irreversible damage being done to your eyes—cellular damage that can lead to blindness

    We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t stare too long at our screens, but is the faint blue glow from tablets and mobile phones really dangerous? According to a new study, the light from our digital devices is not only harmful, prolonged exposure can spur macular degeneration, a condition that can lead to blindness.
    More than one-quarter of the world’s population spends at least seven hours per day on a smartphone,[1] and our total time exposed to media, including computers, tablets, and TVs, has exceeded a jaw-dropping twelve hours per day.[2] This alarming rise in screen use—and it’s growing each year—has led researchers to question the effects this trend is having on eye health.

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    Default Re: Research Shows Digital Devices Are Destroying Our Eyes

    I'm hoping that taking lutein or astaxanthin will help. I seem to spend a fair bit of time on the computer.

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