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Thread: Does Body Fat Protect Females From Heart Disease?

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    Default Does Body Fat Protect Females From Heart Disease?

    James Kingsland
    March 21 2021

    • study found that in both males and females, higher muscle mass was associated with lower mortality from cardiovascular disease (CVD).
    • Higher body fat was also associated with lower CVD mortality risk in females but not in males.
    • The researchers claim that in females, building muscle mass may be more important than losing weight for cardiovascular health.

    The researchers behind the study note that over the past 50 years, death rates from CVD have fallen in both males and females in the United States.
    However, the rate of decline has been slower among females than males, and the rate of heart attacks in females aged 35–54 years is actually increasing.

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    Default Re: Does Body Fat Protect Females From Heart Disease?

    Building muscle mass decreases mortality and improves health altogether by almost any measure for almost any illness.

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