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Thread: Plant- Based Proteins You Should Eat On A Regular Basis

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    Default Plant- Based Proteins You Should Eat On A Regular Basis

    Laura Bridgeman
    September 16 2020

    Protein is a big deal. Long associated with red meat and other animal products, this nutrient is an essential building block of our bodies’ most crucial components, from bones, to blood, to tissue. But animal products are far from being the only source of protein in the world. Increasingly, awareness of plant-based protein is growing in places like North America and Europe, as people come to realize that it isn’t necessary to eat meat at every meal – or any of them, for that matter. Plant-based proteins are not only here to stay – they’ve been here all along.

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    Default Re: Plant- Based Proteins You Should Eat On A Regular Basis

    I partake of many of these, but you will not entice me with fake hamburger and make-believe sausage and bits of chicken that look like wooden pegs.
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