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Thread: From Coronavirus To 5G, Uncertainty Breeds Conspiritorial Thinking

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    Default From Coronavirus To 5G, Uncertainty Breeds Conspiritorial Thinking

    Ariel Bogle & Suzannaha Lyons
    October 5 2020

    When are you being sceptical and when are you being conspiratorial? It's not always easy to tell the difference.
    Conspiracy theories flourish in moments of disruption — and a pandemic, most likely caused by the seemingly random transmission of a virus from an animal to a human, can be hard to wrap our heads around.
    People are often uncomfortable with this kind of randomness, says John Cook, a cognitive psychologist at George Mason University who studies conspiratorial thinking.
    Instead, we might be more comfortable with the idea that it was planned.

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    Default Re: From Coronavirus To 5G, Uncertainty Breeds Conspiritorial Thinking

    "If we explain to people the techniques used to mislead or the traits of conspiratorial thinking, that builds up their resistance." Also called pre-bunking, like debunking but earlier, the goal is to help people recognise how conspiratorial thinking works and the techniques used to spread such theories."

    This makes sense. Once people are convinced of an idea (space aliens landed in Roswell), it is virtually impossible to change their minds. The belief becomes a part of their identity, which is difficult to change. Attempt to debunk it are felt as a threat. Far better to reach them earlier, if you can.
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