Iza Trengove
May 11 2021

‘As we age our body produces less collagen and we lose about 1% collagen per year from about 30 years old,’ says dermatologist Dr David Presbury. Can we prevent this from happening?

During a brisk walk with health-conscious friends in one of Johannesburg’s leafy suburbs, a walker with youthful skin animatedly told the group that collagen had changed her life. For the first time her hair was thick, her skin smooth and her nails were stronger than ever before.
This is nothing new: much has already been written about the ‘miraculous’ effect of collagen supplements on one’s skin, heals joints, bones and nails or even on the prevention of hair loss. In fact, there are many brands selling collagen in different forms, quantities and at different prices. Collagen forms connective tissue throughout the body from skin to bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments and makes up 70-80% of our skin.

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