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Thread: Combination Of Omega 3's In Supplements May Blunt Heart Benefit

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    Default Combination Of Omega 3's In Supplements May Blunt Heart Benefit

    Intermountain Medical Center
    May 17 2021

    Doctors often recommend Omega-3s to help patients lower their cholesterol and improve heart health. Those Omega-3s can come from fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, or supplements that often contain a combination of the acids eicosapentaenoic
    acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).Now, new research from the Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute in Salt Lake City finds that higher EPA blood levels alone lowered the risk of major cardiac events and death in patients, while DHA blunted the cardiovascular benefits of EPA. Higher DHA levels at any level of EPA, worsened health outcomes.

    Results of the Intermountain study, which examined nearly 1,000 patients over a 10-year-period, will be presented virtually at the 2021 American College of Cardiology’s Scientific Session on Monday, May 17.

    Read more:
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    Default Re: Combination Of Omega 3's In Supplements May Blunt Heart Benefit

    I'm so glad you found this, Julieanne, thank you for posting it! My supplement contains both, as mentioned in the study. The bottle is almost empty and having read the above, I won't order it again!
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