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Thread: Is Eating Raw Eggs Safe And Healthy?

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    Default Is Eating Raw Eggs Safe And Healthy?

    Jessica DiGiacinto and Hrefna Palsdottir, MSn
    July 19, 2021

    If you’re looking to add more protein and nutrients to your diet, eggs are a nutritious slam dunk.
    They contain important micro and macronutrients and have shown up in their fair share of scientific studies.
    However, the nutrition profile of raw eggs and the nutrition profile of cooked eggs have some marked differences, including the fact that eating raw eggs or foods containing them raises concerns about the risk of contracting a Salmonella infection (1Trusted Source).
    Here are some of the health benefits — and health concerns — around eating raw eggs.

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    Default Re: Is Eating Raw Eggs Safe And Healthy?

    Never tried it, gross. Though my mom takes it daily and she's healthier than me.

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    Default Re: Is Eating Raw Eggs Safe And Healthy?

    Well if you're drinking eggnog around holiday time, you're consuming raw eggs. Commercial eggs are checked every which way from Sunday to make sure they are safe. If you are buying local eggs from a well-managed farm, you should be comfortable with that as well. Finding bits of hay or dirt on a farm egg is a good sign; eggs can be gently brushed off but should never be washed prior to using. There is an invisible film over the shell that protects it from invasion by any pest. Fresh unwashed farm eggs can be safely stored at room temperature for weeks — and in other parts of the world, they usually are.

    I was born on a poultry farm, back when the earth was young. One day my uncle bet my father that he couldn't swallow a dozen raw eggs. My father happily did just that, and won the bet!
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    Default Re: Is Eating Raw Eggs Safe And Healthy?

    There's a low chance of getting salmonella eating raw eggs, but our body doesn't really fully digest it that it's better to just cook them. Itonly takes like 3 minutes.

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    Default Re: Is Eating Raw Eggs Safe And Healthy?

    Choose your eggs carefully. British eggs with the lion brand mark come from flocks which have been vaccinated against salmonella. This is a tried and tested vaccination over decades and is effective.

    If you buy eggs from the farm or smallholding gate, there's no guarantee that those birds were vaccinated against all the common chicken diseases including salmonella so while the eggs may be wonderful, it's safer to cook them rather than eat them raw.

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