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Thread: The Best Supplements To Take If You Sit All day

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    Default The Best Supplements To Take If You Sit All day

    Lauren Manake
    August 2 2021

    Whether you're constantly behind a computer or hanging out on the couch, you may consider trying these health-boosting supplements.

    Living a sedentary lifestyle is the standard for many people, especially if they have a desk job that keeps them sitting on their bottoms for 8+ hours a day.
    Unfortunately, living a lifestyle that doesn't involve a lot of movement is linked to a slew of negative health effects, including weight gain, back and shoulder pain, and an increased risk of developing diabetes, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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    Default Re: The Best Supplements To Take If You Sit All day

    Oh, wow my sister needs this! Thanks Julieanne!

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    Default Re: The Best Supplements To Take If You Sit All day

    I couldn't agree more. I gained a lot of weight for my desk job and especially during this pandemic working out daily wasn't possible. But now I am down from 163 to 140 pounds just by following a healthy herbal diet. There are many websites you can check but I found xxxxxxxx for some great herbal recipes.
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    Default Re: The Best Supplements To Take If You Sit All day

    SydneyWaters, linking to retail sites, as you have done here, is spamming and is prohibited on this site, which you would have known if you had read the introductory information about Hawk's Health. I have deleted your reference, but if you repeat this activity, you will be permanently banned.
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