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Thread: Supplements Show Significant Gains For Alzheimer's Sufferers

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    Default Supplements Show Significant Gains For Alzheimer's Sufferers

    Brian Hutton
    September 8 2021

    Study findings on disease ‘not a silver bullet, but this is really important’, conference told

    The first trial of its kind on the impact of nutritional supplements on people with Alzheimer’s disease has shown significant improvements in patient mood, ability to function and memory, a conference has heard.
    Prof John Nolan of the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland (NRCI) at Waterford Institute of Technology said the findings are “significant” for treatment of the condition. Prof Nolan co-led the two-year study mainly in the southeast of Ireland.
    “This is not a silver bullet, but this is really important,” he told The Irish Times.
    “We are spending billions of euro on medicines that don’t work in Alzheimer’s disease. We have to use this information now. It is not going to fix this disease but can it help with the symptoms of the disease.”

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