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Thread: Vitamin E, Coq10 And GSH Supplements Reverse Heart Damage Caused By Cancer: Study

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    Default Vitamin E, Coq10 And GSH Supplements Reverse Heart Damage Caused By Cancer: Study

    Ohio State University
    September 11 2021

    Study Links Free Radicals to Heart Damage Caused by Cancer

    In fruit flies, antioxidants reverse tumor-related cardiac dysfunction.

    A new study in animal models shows that the presence of a cancer tumor alone can lead to cardiac damage, and suggests the culprits are molecules called free radicals interacting with specific cells in the heart.

    Tumors in mice and fruit flies led to varying degrees of cardiac dysfunction – particularly a decrease in the heart’s blood-pumping capabilities.

    Adding specific types of antioxidants to food consumed by fruit flies with tumors reversed the damage to their hearts – a finding suggesting that harm caused by free radicals was the likely link between cancer and cardiac dysfunction.

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