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Thread: No, Covid Vaccines Don't Stay In Your Body For Years

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    Default No, Covid Vaccines Don't Stay In Your Body For Years

    Vasso Apostolopoulous, Jack Feehan & Maja Husaric
    October 8 2021

    As Australia strives to reach its national COVID vaccination targets, there’s unprecedented focus on the biological effects of vaccines.
    While there’s an enormous amount of information available online, it’s increasingly difficult to discern truth from falsehood or even conspiracy.
    A common myth of vaccines that has appeared in recent months is the accusation they remain active in the body for extended periods of time – a claim which has increased vaccine hesitancy in some people.
    However, vaccines are cleared from your body in mere days or weeks. It’s the immune response against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that appears to last for a long time
    This isn’t due to the vaccines themselves remaining in the body. Instead, the vaccines stimulate our immune system and teach it how to respond if we’re ever exposed to the coronavirus.

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