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Thread: Brain Surgery

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    Default Brain Surgery

    A man is lying in the hospital, waiting to be the first person in history to receive a brain transplant.

    A doctor comes in and says "Congratulations! But unfortunately since this is a new procedure your insurance isn't going to cover it all. So we're going to give you 3 choices for brains and you can decide which you can afford."

    "Okay, what are they?" Says the man to the doctor.

    The doctor says "Well, first there's engineer brain, that's $100 an ounce.

    Then there's astrophysicist brain, that'll cost you $200 an ounce.

    Finally there's politician brain. That's the most expensive at $1000 an ounce."

    The man looks at the doctor, surprised. "That's absurd! Why is the politician brain so expensive?"

    The doctor turns to him and says "Sir, do you have any idea how MANY politicians it takes to get an ounce of brain?!?"

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    Default Re: Brain Surgery

    That, my friends, is flat-out brilliant!
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