A colleague found this for me and I thought it was worth sharing, especially since so many published papers today rely on what is discovered to be shaky evidence.

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Types of Resources

When searching for evidence-based information, one should select the highest level of evidence possible--systematic reviews or meta-analysis. Systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and critically-appraised topics/articles have all gone through an evaluation process: they have been "filtered".
Information that has not been critically appraised is considered "unfiltered".
As you move up the pyramid, however, fewer studies are available; it's important to recognize that high levels of evidence may not exist for your clinical question. If this is the case, you'll need to move down the pyramid if your quest for resources at the top of the pyramid is unsuccessful.

Click the link to see the levels of evidence to support the article in question. This is a valuable resource for researchers like us looking for the most solid evidence to support any claim.