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Thread: Amino Acid Supplement Could Keep Dementia At Bay

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    Default Amino Acid Supplement Could Keep Dementia At Bay

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    October 28 2021

    Japanese researchers have shown that a low-protein diet can accelerate brain degeneration in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease — and that a supplement containing seven specific amino acids, called Amino LP7, can slow down brain degeneration and dementia in these animals.
    Published in the journal Science Advances, the team’s research expands on previous studies which have demonstrated the effectiveness of Amino LP7 in improving cognitive function.

    “In older individuals, low-protein diets are linked to poor maintenance of brain function. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins,” explained Dr Makoto Higuchi from Japan’s National Institutes for Quantum Sciences and Technology (QST), one of the lead scientists on the study. “

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    Default Re: Amino Acid Supplement Could Keep Dementia At Bay

    Seems logical. As we age, we often experience loss of appetite, and/or lower income and the inability to obtain high-quality protein.
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