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Thread: Amish Butter: Legit or Big Food Scam?

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    Default Amish Butter: Legit or Big Food Scam?

    This morning, I posted the following on Mercola: Hello "Stoneharbor", I'm glad you brought up the subject of butter. Just yesterday, I spotted a 2 lb paper packaged, roll of "Amish" butter. There was no USDA organic icon or claims of being "grass fed", thinking perhaps the Amish were exempt from making those claims simply based on their reputation. But what really caught my attention was the 0% claim of (the lack of) calcium on the nutritional chart, which is why I always resort to organic ghee. Well sucker me, I went ahead and purchased it none-the-less. So just now, due to your posted comment, I did a brief online search, and it appears that my belated suspicions are confirmed, where the Amish label is mostly a marketing ploy for ordinary butter, reported in this link:

    "One of the topics frequently addressed on this blog is the numerous and ever-changing marketing scams Big Food uses to trick consumers into buying fractionated, overly processed, GMO-ridden, nutrient-poor products. Identifying and “outing” these phony ploys is perhaps the single most frequent source of “thank-you” emails to my inbox from readers who, like me, never cease to be amazed at the lows large food manufacturers and even small businesses will stoop to make an easy buck. Handmade rolled butter or Amish butter is the latest scheme that needs to be exposed."

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