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    Ole was a major Packers' fan. Yet he had never been to a live game. One day a friend gave him a ticket on the 50 yard line. Ole was ecstatic, he drove to the game an hour early. He grew anxious as he couldn't find a parking spot. " Lord, I know I haven't talked to you too much, but if you let me find a parking space, I'll quit cheating on my wife". Half hour before he game Ole is starting to panic..." Dear God , if you let me find a parking spot, I'll give up deer hunting". 10 minutes before the game he is in a full blown panic attack..." Lord, if you let me find a parking spot I'll give up drinking beer". He turns a corner and there, right in front of the main entrance there is a parking spot.

    Never mind God, I found one.
    mitakuye oyasin na akita mani yo!

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    ➤ Happiness is the frosting on the cake of contentment.

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