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Thread: Chief adversary, Against NON-Rewnewable Global Avangrid

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    Default Chief adversary, Against NON-Rewnewable Global Avangrid

    Lindsay Fendt
    August 24, 2021

    In July, New Mexican newspapers published a letter by Attorney General Hector Balderas disparaging the efforts of an unnamed woman — “insistent on getting her way” — to derail a proposed multibillion-dollar (Avangrid) utility merger. Days after the letter published, Mariel Nanasi, the head of New Energy Economy, sat at her computer, smirking at the ambiguity in Balderas’ letter and reading the first sentences of her freshly typed response.
    ..."Nanasi sees this as a perverse incentive for utilities to invest in large, costly fossil-fuel infrastructure. It is one of the driving forces holding back the expansion of clean energy, she says, arguing that renewables — particularly solar energy — threaten this century-old utility system. Rather than shift their business models, many utilities in the U.S. have worked to rig the carbon-free energy transition in their favor, pushing for bailouts or laws that stifle competition."

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    Default Re: Chief adversary, Against NON-Rewnewable Global Avangrid

    It is astonishing to me how fossil fuel multinationals like Avangrid and its parent company, Iberdrola, exert extreme pressure on nations and even states to continue to pursue fossil fuel power generation in the face of catastrophic climate change. We need more Mariel Nanasis, people in positions of power and respect who can speak out in protest and encourage us to unify against these worldwide corporate pressures.
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