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Thread: Fiber Is Better for Immunity Than Probiotics

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    Default Fiber Is Better for Immunity Than Probiotics

    Nick Keppler
    December 24 2021

    Fiber is better for immunity than probiotics — study

    “Specific and high-dose supplements can have unintended effects.”

    Probiotics are big business — they are the third most common supplement, after vitamins and minerals. Some formulas are touted as being good for digestion and the immune system, and they are particularly popular with people worried about immunity. But a new survey of dietary habits and probiotic intake among cancer patients suggests it might be better for immunity to grab a handful of raspberries, crack open a can of black beans, or reach for some other high-fiber food than probiotics.

    What’s new — In the observational study, published Thursday in the journal Science, 293 people all receiving similar treatments for skin cancer showed no significant immune boost from taking a probiotic — but eating a diet rich in fiber was correlated to survival.
    Further, in an accompanying rodent study, high-fiber diets help lab mice ward off cancer, while probiotics were linked to tumor growth.

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    Default Re: Fiber Is Better for Immunity Than Probiotics

    It's so easy to include probiotics in your daily diet; they don't necessarily need to be fermented. Among the vegetables, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, green beans, cauliflower and red bell peppers are all probiotics.
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