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Thread: A Thermos Is So Useful

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    Default A Thermos Is So Useful

    A blonde goes into a store and sees a shiny object on the shelf.
    She asks the clerk, "What is that shiny object?"
    The clerk replies, "That is a thermos."
    The blonde then asks, "What does it do?"
    The clerk responds, "It keeps hot things hot and it keeps cold things cold."
    The blonde says, "Oh! I could use something like that!! I'll take it!"
    The next day, as she walks into work with her new thermos she spots her boss and shows off her shiny new thermos, "I just got this yesterday, isn't it wonderful! It's a thermos and it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold!"
    The boss asks, "So what do you have in it?"
    The blonde replies, "Some coffee and a popsicle."

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    Default Re: A Thermos Is So Useful

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