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Thread: Painfully Weak Evidence Supporting Collagen Supplement For Arthritis

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    Default Painfully Weak Evidence Supporting Collagen Supplement For Arthritis

    Paul T.Hippel
    January 20 2022

    One Thursday in September, I woke up with achy knees. That was nothing new. I’ve had knee pain on and off for a few years. Before the pandemic, I had visited an orthopedist, who told me that I’d lost some cartilage in my knee joint — an early sign of osteoarthritis. “Come on, I’m just over 50,” I told her. “That’s much too young for arthritis.”

    “Yeah,” she laughed, “I hear that a lot.”

    My knees aren’t nearly bad enough for surgery, but I’ve tried most everything else. A steroid injection provided relief, but only for a week. Injections of rooster comb (it’s for real) didn’t help me, and certainly didn’t help the roosters. Physical therapy worked when I did the exercises religiously, but I’d lapsed in recent months.
    So I thought I might try collagen supplements.

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