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Thread: Supplement Warning: A Natural Extract Taken Could Lead To ‘Bruising And Bleeding’

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    Default Supplement Warning: A Natural Extract Taken Could Lead To ‘Bruising And Bleeding’

    Please read the whole article

    Christopher sharp
    January 25 2022

    The stronger the immune system, the more able the body is to fight of[f] viruses such as cold, flu and, in recent years, COVID-19. During the winter, it is recommended by the NHS for people to take supplements, such as vitamin D, in order to improve health. Supplements can come in many forms, including vitamins and natural extracts. One popular natural supplement is ginkgo.

    This supplement has multiple potential uses, including to treat anxiety and reduce the risk of stroke.
    It is also used as a treatment for forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s.

    Read more:
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    Default Re: Supplement Warning: A Natural Extract Taken Could Lead To ‘Bruising And Bleeding

    Several thoughts about this article; for convenience, I'll list them.

    1. If you are puzzled by "Paracetamol," you are reading an article published in England, Canada or in this case, Australia. The latter two still cling to terminology that has been supplanted by another word in the US. In this case, paracetamol is better known in the US as acetaminophen, or Tylenol to you.
    2. The author makes a flat-out statement that ibuprofen is safe. What he fails to mention is that it can increase blood pressure over time, just like all the other NSAIDs. Not being an NSAID, Tylenol is safe in this respect, but it also must be used with caution, since overdoses can be toxic to the liver.
    3. I've been supplementing with ginkgo biloba for several years in the belief that it will help preserve the power of memory that often decreases with age, so I was pleased to note that it might also relieve anxiety (important in the age of COVID-19, climate change etc.) and reduce the risk of stroke.
    4. But I was curious about a link to an associated article on the danger of NSAIDs in particular. Here's what it said:

    The safety profile of NSAIDs is highly satisfactory when the drug is taken in small doses. Growing evidence, however,
    suggests higher-dose of the drugs could give rise to trouble. In one study published in the BMJ, researchers set out to
    examine the effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammation (NSAIDs) to establish their association with the risk of stroke and
    heart attack. The authors of the study wrote: “Our study provides the best available evidence on the safety of this class
    of drugs. “Although uncertainty remains, little evidence exists to suggest that any of the investigated drugs are safe
    in cardiovascular terms.”

    I am very relieved to have given up ibuprofen and am using Ginkgo, magnesium, paracetamol and a high dose of vitamin C containing L-lysine and L-proline. The combined effect of these supplements is probably what saved me from a stroke when my blood pressure rose to 272/x. I was in a clinical setting and the doctor wanted to send me by ambulance to the local hospital. I refused and drove myself... was treated and later put on medication... and what saved me from a deadly outcome were the simple supplements I'd been using for years.
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