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Thread: Sea Lions Break Into B.C. Salmon Farm and Feast for Weeks

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    Default Sea Lions Break Into B.C. Salmon Farm and Feast for Weeks

    Cristen Hemingway Jaynes
    April 07, 2022

    Sea lions that encountered a salmon farm near Tofino — a town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia — have been helping themselves to a fish feast for weeks. The Rant Point farm is owned by Cermaq, a company based in Oslo, Norway, that operates fish farms in Canada, Norway and Chile.

    Sea lions hunt in groups by herding fish into balls and catching single fish from around the rims, according to Manchester Metropolitan University. They generally hunt together when there is an abundance of prey and alone when prey is in short supply.

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    Default Re: Sea Lions Break Into B.C. Salmon Farm and Feast for Weeks

    I've been opposed to farmed salmon from the beginning for reasons too obvious to mention. The farmed product is probably not as pricey as wild Pacific salmon, but feeding seals for weeks has surely made a dent in the profits of this particular company and consequently, raised consumer prices.
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