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Thread: Artificial Sweeteners Linked To 13% Higher Risk Of Cancer

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    Default Artificial Sweeteners Linked To 13% Higher Risk Of Cancer

    Robby Berman
    April 2 2022

    • Nearly half of United States adults consume artificial sweeteners.
    • Human-population studies have found artificial sweeteners to be safe, but results from in vitro studies and studies on animals pose some concerns.
    • A large new study of artificial-sweetener consumers finds that the products are associated with an increased risk of cancer.

    A large new observational study has found an association between the consumption of artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame and acesulfame-K, and cancer.

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    Default Re: Artificial Sweeteners Linked To 13% Higher Risk Of Cancer

    The dangers of aspartame have been publicized since the world was young, and each raising of consciousness comes with a rapid change in the product's name. In fact, there have been so many changes over time that I've forgotten what's the latest
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