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Thread: Vitamin K May Be Helpful For People At Risk Of Dementia

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    Default Vitamin K May Be Helpful For People At Risk Of Dementia

    Erika Watts
    April 12 2022

    • Dementia is a condition that affects cognitive functioning.
    • Symptoms can include loss of memory and ability to function in a way that can interfere with quality of life.
    • In a new study in rodents, scientists studied how vitamin K can affect older rats’ cognitive abilities.
    • The researchers learned that the vitamin has the potential to improve cognitive abilities.

    As people get older, the risk of developing dementia increases. Dementia is the term given to a group of diseases, the most common of which is Alzheimer’s disease, which affects millions of people.

    Read more:

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    Default Re: Vitamin K May Be Helpful For People At Risk Of Dementia

    The effects of vitamin K in relation to dementia were interesting. I also found this in the follow-on article:
    "Although researchers will, eventually, establish the precise relationship between aluminum and Alzheimer’s, consuming aluminum through the diet is unlikely to play a major role.
    "As the Alzheimer’s Society explain: “Aluminum in food and drink is in a form that is not easily absorbed into the body. Hence, the amount taken up is less than 1% of the amount present in food and drink. Most of the aluminum taken into the body is cleaned out by the kidneys.”

    A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with plaque on her brain. The advice she was given seemed strange to me: limit yourself to two meals a day, oatmeal in the morning and a salad mid-afternoon. She was also advised to lose weight (yes, she's overweight but I'd only call it marginally obese). She says she is hungry all the time and has only managed to lose 3 pounds over two weeks. Further, her doctor is limited to 20-minute appointments so she is able to learn little about her condition from him. I've referred her to my PCP who will give his patients as much time as they need, with no regard for the clock. I'm hoping she will connect with him soon and learn more about cause and treatment in her situation.
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