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Thread: Does Selenium Really Slow Aging?

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    Default Does Selenium Really Slow Aging?

    Lindsey DeSoto
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    Selenium is a trace mineral, which means the body only requires it in very small amounts. It is naturally present in many foods and is also available as a dietary supplement.
    The majority of selenium from our diet gets stored in muscle tissue, though the thyroid is the organ with the highest concentration.

    Selenium is an important component of enzymes and proteins — known as selenoproteins — that play a key role in reproduction, thyroid hormone metabolism, and DNA synthesis.

    Selenoproteins also act as powerful antioxidants that help protect against damaging particles in the body called free radicals.

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    Default Re: Does Selenium Really Slow Aging?

    It's easy for some of us to be influenced by articles or advertising about nutritional deficiencies, and end up with a medicine chest of 20 to 30 unnecessary supplements and an empty wallet. Selenium, however, is not only important for overall health but is deficient in the soil in large parts of the US, in which case supplementing with selenium would be wise. I am one of those because I live in Maine, and the entire Northwest region is deficient in this mineral. I suggest you do a quick googling of selenium deficiency in US soils to see where your particular area falls; that should guide you on whether supplementing would be advisable.
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