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Thread: Can't Find The Right Word? It May Be Due To "Memory Clutter"

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    Default Can't Find The Right Word? It May Be Due To "Memory Clutter"

    Judy Gerstel
    April 19 2022

    If you sometimes have difficulty trying to find the right word or remembering an event or conversation, researchers say there’s probably nothing wrong with your brain or memory. And, more importantly, It’s not necessarily a symptom of cognitive decline.
    Rather, it’s more likely a symptom of how well your brain has been working over the years, absorbing, retaining and storing information. And it’s a normal cognitive situation that develops with healthy aging. Beginning in middle age and onward, retrieving a word or a memory, especially under pressure or in the moment, can be challenging simply because the brain has accumulated so much data

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    Default Re: Can't Find The Right Word? It May Be Due To "Memory Clutter"

    And if you don't use it, you can lose it.

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    Default Re: Can't Find The Right Word? It May Be Due To "Memory Clutter"

    Well that's reassuring. As I age, I find I have frequent "fill in the blank" spots both in conversation and in writing, where a common word simply eludes me. I used to have a huge vocabulary but it sure has shrunk over time. Don't know what I'd do without google!
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